There will always be specific items that user will need to mount on the system and these panels provide the solution.

Blank panels are available either as rail-hung units for mounting items at a fixed height or bobbin-mounted for positioning at adjustable heights between slotted uprights. These panels can be used to house a wide range of equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire hoses, telephones, first aid and eyewash stations, cleaning and maintenance apparatus.

Specification (Rail)

Code Item Description Size
30.352 Blank panel (rail-hung) 200 x 919mm
30.353 Blank panel (rail-hung) 300 x 919mm
30.354 Blank panel (rail-hung) 400 x 919mm
30.356 Blank panel (rail-hung) 600 x 919mm
30.372 Blank panel (rail-hung) 200 x 1200mm
30.373 Blank panel (rail-hung) 300 x 1200mm
30.374 Blank panel (rail-hung) 400 x 1200mm
30.376 Blank panel (rail-hung) 600 x 1200mm

Specification (Bobbin)

Code Item Description Size
30.340 Blank panel (bobbin-mounted) 600 x 300mm
30.341 Blank panel (bobbin-mounted) 600 x 425mm
30.342 Blank panel (bobbin-mounted) 600 x 600mm
30.343 Blank panel (bobbin-mounted) 600 x 900mm
30.344 Blank panel (bobbin-mounted) 600 x 1200mm
30.345 Blank panel (bobbin-mounted) 750 x 300mm
30.346 Blank panel (bobbin-mounted) 750 x 425mm
30.347 Blank panel (bobbin-mounted) 750 x 600mm