The peg panel provides displayed storage which enables quick retrieval in areas such as A&E

Peg panels hook directly into slotted uprights and are manufactured from powder coated aluminium. They provide a flexible system for storage and general display of equipment. Peg panels support a range of polypropylene round or flat hooks that are used for storing cables, crockery, point of sale items and cleaning materials.


Code Item Description Size
30.364 Peg panel 600 x 159mm
30.400 Peg panel 600 x 311mm
30.401 Peg panel 600 x 465mm
30.365 Peg panel 750 x 159mm
30.402 Peg panel 750 x 311mm
30.403 Peg panel 750 x 465mm
30.366 Eurohook (flat profile) 100mm
30.367 Eurohook (flat profile) 200mm
30.368 Round profile hook 100mm
30.369 Round profile hook 150mm
30.370 Round profile hook 200mm