Slotted Upright Security Clips and Security Brackets

Slotted Upright Security Clip 

The  Slotted Upright Security Clip is a safety development to prevent accidental dislodging of the slotted upright from the rail.  It provides a secure and simple locking device that cannot be removed when correctly installed without the physical action to do so.

The Slotted Upright Security Clip can be ordered individually, but are now supplied as standard with all slotted uprights ordered.  It is recommended that these be installed on all installations to each slotted upright as a matter of good practice.

Manufactured from a light grey, semi-flexible plastic, the clip is simple to install or remove therefore retaining the inherent flexibility of the Toprail system.

Slotted Upright Security Clips and Security Brackets

To fasten, simply place the clip into the top of the slotted upright, ensure the two lower nibs of the clip locate behind the hook section of the rail and then push forward to snap over the cover section.

To remove, place fingertip over the top of the clip face, which is slightly raised, pull towards you to snap off the cover section and lift to remove from the top of the slotted upright.

Security Brackets
Slotted uprights may be anchored in position with security brackets. These are wall fixed at low level and fit into the slotted upright. These can be utilised to prevent any possibility of lateral movement where minimal loading is required.

It is especially useful when only light loads will be imposed on the Toprail components, for example sloping shelves .