Manufacturer Improves Efficiency

A large manufacturing company was struggling to keep up with demand due to inefficient storage and retrieval of tools and equipment. The company's previous storage system was cluttered and disorganised, making it difficult to find the items it needed quickly and easily. 

The company decided to install Toprail storage units to improve its storage and retrieval efficiency. Toprail storage units are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the rigours of a manufacturing environment. 

The units are also stackable, which allowed the company to maximise its storage space. After installing Toprail storage units, the company was able to significantly improve its storage and retrieval efficiency. 

The units' open design made it easy to see and access all stored items. The stackability of the units also allowed the company to double its storage capacity in the same amount of space. 

As a result of these improvements, the company was able to increase production by 15%. The company also saved money on labour costs, as employees no longer had to spend time searching for tools and equipment.